Twenty years after the war, Moshe Bejski, a Schindlerjew and later a Supreme Court justice in Israel, asked Schindler why he did it ? Schindler replied, "I knew the people who worked for me. When you know people, you have to behave towards them like human beings."

Poldek Pfefferberg, another Schindlerjew, recalled how Schindler in 1944 was a very wealthy man, a multimillionaire:"He could have taken the money and gone to Switzerland ...  he could have bought Beverly Hills. But instead, he gambled his life and all of his money to save us ..." When Pfefferberg asked him the same question 'WHY' ? Schindler answered, "There was no choice. If you saw a dog going to be crushed under a car, wouldn't you help him?"

Even on the days when the air was black with the ashes from bodies on fire, there was hope in Crakow because Oscar Schindler was there. Helen Beck, a Schindler survivor, recalls:"We gave up many times, but he always lifted our spirits ... Schindler tried to help people however he could. That is what we remember."

Rena Ferber - today Rena Finder - was only 10 years old when the Nazis invaded Poland. She was saved by Oscar Schindler and later recalled:"He was a gambler, who loved living on the edge. He loved outsmarting the SS. I would not be alive today if it wasn't for Oscar Schindler. To us he was our God, our Father, our protector."

Roman Ferber's name also was on 'Schindler's List'. He was one of the youngest 'Schindlerjews' and later told how Oscar Schindler underwent a transformation when he witnessed the sadism of the Nazis and gave up everything to save as many lives as he could. "I thank God for Oscar Schindler. If not for him, I would not be here and not have any family."

/Louis Bülow